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Reviews written by Joyce Genho

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Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   June 22, 2017

Can you believe it....the guy was trailed and he didn't know it....and he was the head of the FBI....talk about incompetent..no wonder Hillary skated...

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   May 25, 2017
(Updated: May 25, 2017)

Is anyone really surprised.... I am not...liberal judges even when same wording is used, even same countries named by past President....same EO, but that is not the issue...the issue is...

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   May 06, 2017

Just in case no one knows...sending ashes, unless from a funeral home or crematory, is a felony....always the dems that ask their fellow man to break lawless...their mantra should be,...

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   April 17, 2017

ahhh now we have censorship....you google are not the king of kings in search engine...how mighty of you...you now have created the perfect storm in competition regarding search...buh bye......

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   April 13, 2017

Thank God for President Trump. Returning power back to the states, very Constitutional. Now understand this, PP should have never received federal funds. No one is taking...

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   April 04, 2017

Giving other peoples money away never works.....why eventually, you run out of their money!! Bernie and Pocahontis, wants to give their money away, no one is stopping...

Joyce GenhoJoyce Genho   March 15, 2017

This was God's will, let him show us the way.

19 results - showing 1 - 10  
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