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Reviews written by Luonne Dumak

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Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   August 04, 2017
(Updated: August 04, 2017)

Good plan and idea. I had a friend that worked in Social Services in Milw. She was very upset to see people bring in their elderly parents into this Country...

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   August 03, 2017

Awesome article and unfortunately very true.

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 30, 2017
(Updated: July 30, 2017)

Al Frankenstien did lose the vote. Over 200 felons voted illegal to begin with. Also because Mn.Sec. Of State was a member of Acorn so they kept "finding" more ballots...

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 28, 2017
(Updated: July 28, 2017)

Reince was right to block this low class, vulgar drunk. What an ignorant person. This is what a northeast idiot looks like.

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 10, 2017

All Insurance companies should just refuse to sell any Health insurance plans in Oregon. The Government should not be able to force companies to sell Insurance

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 09, 2017

Time to bring out the real bullets.

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 09, 2017

I guess it is now O.K. to reward Islamic killers with money. Islam is EVIL, nothing good.about any of them.

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 06, 2017
(Updated: July 06, 2017)

Israel has a concoction that is called Skunk juice, it smells like skunk but it is harmless and it stick around for 3 days. Start using its and if...

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 05, 2017
(Updated: July 05, 2017)

Since we know were they will all be, send in the troops and round them all up!!

Luonne DumakLuonne Dumak   July 03, 2017

Every time there is a problem it seems answer is "send me the money". money isn't the answer.In fact when we "We the taxpayer" send more money it usually makes...

45 results - showing 1 - 10  
1 2 3 4 5  


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