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Reviews written by Frank Carter

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Frank CarterFrank Carter   June 06, 2017

Fine, let this fat piece of shit publish a secret document and he will get his well-deserved jail time diet.

Frank CarterFrank Carter   June 04, 2017

John Kerry, what an ass hole. He and Obummer make a deal with Iran and we get screwed, well, really the world gets screwed. The very person representing...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 17, 2017

This POS should give normal people a clue as to the intellect in Hollywood. He actually won an oscar. Wonders never cease. What an ass hole. ...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 16, 2017

What a fat sack of shit he is. does anyone really listen to him, aside from the Hollywood turds and the snow flakes.

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 16, 2017

When is this piece of shit going to disappear? Hasn't anyone informed her that no one is interested in her bull shit We just want...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 15, 2017

This is just another BS story from the Washington COMPOST. Are they aligned or owned by the same dip shit that owns CNN? Wouldn't surprise me!!!!...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 11, 2017

I see Dan, kiss my ass, Rather and MSMBC is going down the shitter along with Wolf, the asshole, Blitzer, and CNN. Geeeeeeeeeeeeee, here is a surprise!!!!!!

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 06, 2017

I see, by the picture, the left nut Schummer and Nutty Nancy have something to do with this. Not a surprise. After all it was Nutty Nancy who...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   May 04, 2017

Does anyone really, really care what these assholes think or say. None of them could not come up with a thought unless a movie director was feeding them their...

Frank CarterFrank Carter   April 26, 2017

I have the solution for the President and it is very simple. Arrest those who wish to violate federal law. Let's see how they get around this....

14 results - showing 1 - 10  
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