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Reviews written by Kathy Schweigert

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Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   June 17, 2017
(Updated: June 17, 2017)

Good its time we fight back against the liberal fake news and crazy liberals walking the streets. Time for us to take a stand and not put up with their...

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   June 01, 2017

Never could stand him! Left wing screwball.How can anyone defend such a disgusting act that Griffin pulled! Boycott Carey movies. Do not need people like this !...

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   April 30, 2017

Absolutely love it! When your that stupid as these kids are thinking hunger strike will make a difference. Lets them smell the Republican glory!!!

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 18, 2017


Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 16, 2017

Because they thought Hillary was going to win and their student loans would drop and education would be free!

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 16, 2017

Need to be deported. My son inlaw works 60 to 80 hrs a week just to pay rent and bills. They can never get help even with school lunches. BUT...

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 12, 2017

Ryan can not be trusted and they are trying to shove this same Obama Care just little changes. Its not what we want! Full repeal. New Health Care that...

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 08, 2017

Kaine is a irrational fool. Looks as his son is the same! Jail time I hope.Maybe he stop paying for protesters along with Obama.

Kathy SchweigertKathy Schweigert   March 07, 2017
(Updated: March 07, 2017)

How fricken ridiculous! Too bad he hurt YOUR FEELINGS. But you a liberal acting like a child! Plus your a terrible actress and in a really dumb show that...

22 results - showing 1 - 10  
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