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HdcycleHdcycle   September 18, 2017

The story is total BS. They are predicting a similar path as Jose, not Irma. Quit trying to stir the pot with false information. https://my.sfwmd.gov/sfwmd/common/images/weather/plots/storm_15

HdcycleHdcycle   September 17, 2017

Mueller is just playing a big game of Jenga and drawing from here and there hoping it does not all come collapsing down on him. How much longer does...

HdcycleHdcycle   September 13, 2017

Surprised he can find leftist to back it seeing how they love to take things away from others to redistribute to their poor oppressed constiuants. I was really surprised...

HdcycleHdcycle   September 12, 2017
(Updated: September 12, 2017)

Putting a bunch of deviants in charge of a city is a terrible idea. Seattle is exhibit A.

HdcycleHdcycle   September 12, 2017

Poor kids are so confused. Ignorance is not a good quality to embrace. To bad that the modern education system is so screwed up.

HdcycleHdcycle   September 06, 2017

Yawn...leftist protest Trunp...Russia,Russia, Russia....Nazi, Nazi, Nazi...tear it down...Media is so predictable these days. Such a bore.

HdcycleHdcycle   September 05, 2017

I am confused, if they know who the 50 that are doing all of the killings, why do they not arrest them and lock them up instead? Giving...

HdcycleHdcycle   August 28, 2017
(Updated: August 28, 2017)

Can't wait to see all of the trash they leave behind.

HdcycleHdcycle   August 18, 2017

Article states that "there is a growing cry from Americans to remove these monuments". Those are not Americans you are hearing. They may live here but they have...

21 results - showing 1 - 10  
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