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Reviews written by Donald Verhoorn

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Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   March 19, 2017

We Kno how to do a decapitation attack to eliminate the NK leadership. May day we nuke Pyongyang during the height of there May day parade. The city would be...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   March 12, 2017

Another thing which is wrong with it is it is not a tax like social security or Medicare so it is unconstitutional. As per the Constitution Congress has the right...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   February 23, 2017

Then maybe Mexico might want to make sure no one is leaving Mexico to illegally enter the united States of America

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   February 17, 2017

Plain and simple --- enforce the laws on the books --- which is what the Trump team is doing and the Obama administration failed to do.

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   February 13, 2017

I believe that it is time to revisit the anti trust issue against the NFL since now they are getting political. Ma belle ring a bell comish?

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   February 13, 2017

Grow up girl. Trump won now get in line just like we were expected to do when Obama won eight years ago. If the right had acted like the left...

6 results - showing 1 - 6  


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