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Reviews written by Doc Browning

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Doc BrowningDoc Browning   June 20, 2017

The lawsuit is well justified. If continued, it will reveal information that supports other allegations against the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the foreign alien, Barrak Hussein Obama. ...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   June 03, 2017

Griffin will first need to be "unruined" before she can be "ruined". The only comedy to Griffin´s act is herself as a person. Is she attempting to establish grounds...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 29, 2017

What a president ! A billionnaire who is down-to-earth enough to spontaneously "twitter" ! Tremendous ! Does comrade chancellor Merkel´s outrage suggest that pres. Trump...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 24, 2017

Considering the sordid history of Judaism´s MOSSAD, I find the allegation readily believable, that she functioned as seductress for the MOSSAD, as a reliable "family" member, with no financial remuneration....

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 24, 2017

Factuality requires academicians to boycott the 1948, illegal land-grant by the UN, the leading terrorists of which fraudulently named the land parcel, "Israel". An academician who does not support the...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 20, 2017

It appears to me that the visitor was laughing at the rigid, repetitive stupidity of comrade Cooper. As to the Bush-Hitlary-Obama stooge, Comey, the accumulated evidence identifying...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 19, 2017

Does the UK have a hidden warrent for Assange´s extradition to the US, that will be applied as soon as he steps out of the Equadorian Embassy?

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 14, 2017

Major attention and publication is provided to one incident by a nut-job, while no similar attention is provided to the ongoing terrorism that "Israel" has done to indiginous Semites of...

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 14, 2017

A review of the acquired, FBI information by competent authority, rather than comrade Comey or comrade McCabe, is required. A new investigation is wasteful.

Doc BrowningDoc Browning   May 14, 2017

Comrade Comey´s tacit support of the Clinton-Obama subterfuge is decisive evidence that his "testimony" will continue the subterfuge while defaming pres. Trump.

24 results - showing 1 - 10  
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