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AntoneAntone   September 25, 2017

Don't like it. No amnesty; however, how about 6-10 years of enlistments in division of USA armed services, reporting of known illegal fellons, or 5 years enlistment and BS in...

AntoneAntone   September 24, 2017

The DNC worked with the Kremlin and the CIA and FBI with the DNC. Mr. Shiftless knows this and is a bald face liar and socialists hell bent on...

AntoneAntone   September 22, 2017
(Updated: September 22, 2017)

The Western world must stop The little red dragon before he tests an hydrogen bomb in the pacific. The damage would be catastrophic to the worlds ocean. ...

AntoneAntone   September 21, 2017

This serial liar knows Trump was and has been lying every time a camera is near his face.

AntoneAntone   September 20, 2017

Please no Israeli land for"peace"! The Lord will divide the USA if the USA pushes or supports Israel giving away any of His land. This is a guarantee! Please pray...

AntoneAntone   September 18, 2017
(Updated: September 18, 2017)

Either Haarp or military's newer technologies are not helping or God is not got America's attention. These hurricanes have nothing to do with man caused "climate change" but a lot...

AntoneAntone   September 14, 2017
(Updated: September 14, 2017)

If true; and upchucky the little bielzabubba cannot be trusted an inch, Trump has hurt himself a lot. Doing a deal with the Dems is really poor...

AntoneAntone   September 13, 2017
(Updated: September 13, 2017)

I guess that they assume that white people dont watch sports. Why is black superiority and bashing of Christians tolerated? Those that hate God Almighty are protected and the Christian...

AntoneAntone   September 12, 2017

LGBTQCAS Added CAS child abusing scum . Still alot of letters left

AntoneAntone   September 12, 2017
(Updated: September 12, 2017)

Wow! Outrageous. Bill Clinton didn't kiss. He has HilarySpimplexIII and wouldn't want to spread it.

103 results - showing 1 - 10  
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