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AntoneAntone   July 22, 2017

Wrong answer. Put Mohammed in jail. Right answer!

AntoneAntone   July 19, 2017
(Updated: July 19, 2017)

Killed by a Somalian cop with several behavior and abuse complaints. If he was white and she black it would be a hate crime; but, because he is a black...

AntoneAntone   July 14, 2017

Given our heritage, the USA was designed to attract Christians. They will honor our laws and Constitutional Republic. Sharia is incompatible and those that support it are...

AntoneAntone   July 08, 2017
(Updated: July 08, 2017)

He is being honest. Man caused Global Warming is a crock. The climate has cooled for 22 years as the sun had entered a cooling cycle. The...

AntoneAntone   July 08, 2017

This is an Obamanation. Perversion and mental illness are not part of political correctness.

AntoneAntone   July 01, 2017

Let us set up a new Sanctuary City for Federal Tax Evasion. If the IRS fines you, you sue and get all your money back plus pain and suffering....

AntoneAntone   June 21, 2017

Im Independent; but I view the current Democrat party as evil. Until and unless they abandon their platform of freeloading, perversion, death and infanticide, I will NEVER vote for one....

AntoneAntone   June 15, 2017
(Updated: June 15, 2017)

It is sad this man is a good buddy of comey and an active Democrat. Comey leaked to push for the establishment of this "special counsel" and it is a...

AntoneAntone   June 12, 2017

We need new definition: all democrat votes are fraud or perhaps they need to be weighted at 67% of a vote to normalize the results as if the fraud didn't...

AntoneAntone   June 11, 2017

That is the source of obstruction of justice.

76 results - showing 1 - 10  
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