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Reviews written by Antone

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AntoneAntone   March 25, 2017

Watch this space. Next is human IT interfacing for 10,000 IQ. In process gene splicing and loss of free will.

AntoneAntone   March 23, 2017
(Updated: March 23, 2017)

The bill is a disaster. Repeal and let market replace. Instead legislate relief and removal of competitive barriers and all tax on medical with no income limits. Develop a voucher...

AntoneAntone   March 22, 2017
(Updated: March 22, 2017)

ISLAM Insolently , Slaughtering, with Lascivious, Assault, & Molestation - peace definition from another Webster: Muhammid Hussein Wabsturanabahb...

AntoneAntone   March 19, 2017

Trump is helping these people. The Democratic Party only wants their dues as donations and their actions as useful idiots. If the walkout gets them fired, the dems will pass...

AntoneAntone   March 17, 2017
(Updated: March 17, 2017)

Glan you were elected; but Mr Prez, you are off here. Get it repealed, remove competition barriers, provide vouchers for poor and infirmed folks (qualified) and let all purchase in...

AntoneAntone   March 17, 2017
(Updated: March 17, 2017)

Arrest them where the are. Courts are public property and not judicial property. Stick to the facts and the law in your court hearing your honor. We the people will...

AntoneAntone   March 16, 2017
(Updated: March 16, 2017)

Right! Give us a break! Oh, where is her tax return? I dont care! As some say (not me given African heritage), " once you try black you never go...

AntoneAntone   March 12, 2017
(Updated: March 12, 2017)

I encourage all conservatives to reject RyanCare. We need all of the ACA repealed. If they want provisions for the 3-7% that need help on insurance, deal with that separately....

AntoneAntone   March 04, 2017
(Updated: March 04, 2017)

Our colleges offer ethnic studies or African history and students wonder why they cannot get a job. We need to stop subsidies for this junk. How about sciences, engineering, business,...

AntoneAntone   March 04, 2017

This is worse than Watergate was. Problem is no reporting on this as press is complacent. Barry should slip into retirement and not meddle. The American people have rejected his...

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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