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Reviews written by Errol Penfield

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Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 27, 2017

These are students attending a highly competitive University- but they cannot plan ahead well enough to avoid this situation? The very students who will happily suggest their independence and brilliance...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 26, 2017

I wonder if these are the same people who were wildly backing HRC just a few months ago? Let us not pretend that Wal Street was ever behind the Republicans...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 23, 2017

Again and again, the Muslims prove they are simply unable to be part of civilized society. Their own archaic, centuries behind countries & cultures are not capable of assimilation with...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 14, 2017

A complete idiot! if he is worried about what is the negative impact on kids he could start with his silly earrings. Adults in responsible jobs/position should set a better...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 13, 2017

Let us not forget that President Trump offered PP full continued funding IF they ceased performing Abortions. Of course, the PP crowd dismissed that notion out of hand despite years...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   April 13, 2017

The important thing is that all the primary characters are light-skinned, highly processed, attractive Blacks. Without the expensive Manicure, and extensive hair processing how would a young Black know what...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   March 29, 2017

If the facts were that PP does not sell baby parts there would be no case. Yet, still the PP folks insist that all this tawdry business in not true....

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   March 24, 2017

...all that just to win the contest every 10/31...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   March 24, 2017

Trump said that? I thought it was said by the families of the guys who were killed looking for him, and by the Soldiers who served with him.... Bergdahl is...

Errol PenfieldErrol Penfield   March 21, 2017

Dick Durbin, a nice Polish catholic boy from Chicago...funny that he does not oppose any form of abortion, but trades off his Polish-Catholic background. I do hope he shuts up...

23 results - showing 1 - 10  
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