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Reviews written by James Wood

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James WoodJames Wood   July 20, 2017

Well, maybe this explains why he is such a loon. My guess is he has had this brain tumor for quite a few years.

James WoodJames Wood   July 17, 2017

I spent all day this past Friday stuck in the Detroit Airport because Delta management is incredibly incompetent. I will never fly Delta again.

James WoodJames Wood   July 16, 2017

Sue 'em, Ann. I spent from Friday morning at 9:00 am until 7:00 pm sitting around at the Detroit airport because of the stupidity at Delta. I will never, ever...

James WoodJames Wood   July 16, 2017

Why does it seem like everyone living in DC is a raving lunatic?

James WoodJames Wood   June 17, 2017
(Updated: June 17, 2017)

Seems like every time I turn around, some government commission or agency is launching some kind of moronic investigation against Trump. Who do I sue to tell these people to...

James WoodJames Wood   June 06, 2017

That's just a big old lie. I don't know of anyone that believes that crap. Wait, maybe one person. She's special.

James WoodJames Wood   June 02, 2017

That's right - flee to France where the muslims will just kill you outright.

James WoodJames Wood   March 31, 2017

Hawaii appears to be a sanctuary state. Cut off ALL funding for them.

James WoodJames Wood   March 09, 2017

Can't we just start hanging these a$$holes?

James WoodJames Wood   March 07, 2017

I have no idea who that even is. What do I care if her wittle feelings got hurt?

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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