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Reviews written by William Anness

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William AnnessWilliam Anness   May 02, 2017

The NYT's has no credibility among normal people, now the left wing morons hang on their every word. The lost the ability to report "news" years ago.

William AnnessWilliam Anness   March 20, 2017

After all of the lies, manipulations, and prejudicial actions by the FBI and other so-called Department heads, how do they expect the general public to afford them any credibility? Trump...

William AnnessWilliam Anness   March 04, 2017

That is very admirable, but in looking at the facts of many issues regarding Home depot in the past, they seem to favor "refugees" over Americans. Lets hope that this...

William AnnessWilliam Anness   February 28, 2017

The only issue is, Islam is NOT a religion, but a "terrorist ideology!" When will people get that through their heads?

4 results - showing 1 - 4  


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