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Reviews written by John Enea

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John EneaJohn Enea   July 26, 2017

mccain & BRIDE of chucky you haven't learnt yet you and your kind are not NEEDED IN OUR COUNTRY>>> You are NOT wanted here anymore & WE THE PEOPLE...

John EneaJohn Enea   July 06, 2017

Maybe we all need to reassess or minimum wage policies MAGA is a STATEMENT >>>NOT a MANDATE!!!!!!

John EneaJohn Enea   June 30, 2017

So now they want to play nice>>>> Just told my GRANDKIDS they NEED to PLAY NICE >>> They didn't want to PLAY NICE>>> Sent them too BED >>>>> ...

John EneaJohn Enea   June 20, 2017

Look at her PUGGY little face & TELL ME if there isn't a FAT PERSON in that UGLY FACE!!!!!!

John EneaJohn Enea   June 08, 2017

I DON'T KNOW!!!!I DON'T KNOW!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW !!!!!! AND ON & ON & ON & ON!!!!!

John EneaJohn Enea   April 27, 2017

Time to CLEAN HOUSE get rid of this & any judge that abuses there powers THAT WE THE PEOPLE give them>> We will NOT stand for this anymore!!!!! ...

John EneaJohn Enea   April 06, 2017

This ruling is NOT a lesbian>>>transgender>>> gay>>> or any other CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION>>> It is a personal violation on every CITIZENS RIGHTS in OUR COUNTRY!!!!...

John EneaJohn Enea   April 05, 2017

The AMERICAN PUBLIC deserves to have agents that can & will do there job>>> They need to be trained & instructed what is expected of them &...

John EneaJohn Enea   April 04, 2017

Maybe you should blame it on obama if not if WE THE PEOPLE get our way you may fry for your insurrection to OUR COUNTRY!!! Wake up and...

John EneaJohn Enea   April 04, 2017

Free college educations for all>>> And we THE AMERICAN PUBLIC will pay for it>> Whats wrong with this picture isn't 20 TRILLON $$$$$$ ENOUGH ALREADY>>>> We can no longer...

34 results - showing 1 - 10  
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