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Reviews written by joe schlepp

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joe schleppjoe schlepp   July 24, 2017

Schumer and the Democrats assume that everyone is an idiot. They think that by just telling people to vote for Democrats they will do so. No reasons are necessary. ...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   May 22, 2017

Chelsea Handler is an an immature person and do the Liberals really laugh at her ridiculously childish comments. And some one actually pays her money for these stupid and teenagerish...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   May 20, 2017

Trump has been under siege from the Media from day 1 of his Presidency, even before he took any action. Now you tell me how that can be fair....

joe schleppjoe schlepp   April 22, 2017

Obama should be charged with willful dereliction of duty for not following the existing Laws. There is no excuse for this. Obama was determined to harm the US as much...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   April 21, 2017

Brian Williams - the LIAR. No one believes him? Williams can not see the truth even when some one points it out to him. Trump identified the...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   March 20, 2017

First of all this poll was conducted by CBS. How much faith do we have in CBS? Is this under the category of "FAKE NEWS". Was this poll conducted by...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   March 10, 2017

CIA and FBI are the problem. How are they going to find any thing. This is an exercise in stupidity.

joe schleppjoe schlepp   March 09, 2017

Women - What do they want with all this 'not showing up for work'. No one has verbalized anything except do not show up for work. I hope these...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   March 09, 2017

FBI and CIA will open investigation about WikiLeaks. Just a job security for FBI and CIA while they sit around and do nothing. While WikiLeaks get all their...

joe schleppjoe schlepp   March 03, 2017

Is this new code of conduct for the Muslims to openly have a live in 3-some. Have some shame Hussein. Get rid of the 3-some or at least pretend of...

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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