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Reviews written by John Trenter

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John TrenterJohn Trenter   June 16, 2017

Well Merkel is not that bright of a bulb and a weak image of Adolph, so I would not be very concerned with anything she says. She better realize that...

John TrenterJohn Trenter   March 28, 2017

The number of idiots as mayors is increasing in the US and that is very much a problem. This guy bears the ultimate responsibility of 2 older teens (17+18) to...

John TrenterJohn Trenter   March 20, 2017

Shows the naivete and lack of any real education by most Americans!! We seem to be unable as a nation to see a Benedict Arnold and a cooked Secretary of...

John TrenterJohn Trenter   March 13, 2017

The NY prosecutor was probably on the golf course or out of office. These are exactly the officials Trump needs to fire and need to go if they won't resign!...

John TrenterJohn Trenter   March 04, 2017

This crazy lady ought to be tried to treason and high crimes in our nation--I would call her Benedictine Arnold. Not only does she need jail time but a prison...

5 results - showing 1 - 5  


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