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Reviews written by Les Prangley

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Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 23, 2017

Just more evidence that basic intelligence, common decency and logic is not a pre-requsite for appearance on "The View".

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 21, 2017

Yes sir... they sure showed him a thing or two as they walked out like the flock of mindless sheep that they have become.

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 16, 2017

These people are either ignorant of the saying "Don't step on Superman's cape and don't pee into the wind" as they continue on this seditious Don Quixote quest or they...

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 16, 2017

SEDITION---Get some kahunas GOP and lock her up.

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 14, 2017

WTF Chuck. The FBI already cleared Trump of the crap you keep dredging up.

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 13, 2017

Town hall meetings should be restricted to people who live in the district and are actually represented by the Congressman in attendance. These George Soros paid professionaal hooligans should be...

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 07, 2017

This makes GW smile. Now someone else besides him is getting the blame for Obama's failures.

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   May 03, 2017
(Updated: May 03, 2017)

Interesting how the NYT has escalated the rhetoric from alleged harassment to sexual assault.

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   April 20, 2017

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck let's form a committee to determine whether or not it sctually is a duck said...

Les PrangleyLes Prangley   April 19, 2017

We need to start jailing these "legends in their own mind" to bring them back to reality.

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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