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Reviews written by debra shawver

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debra shawverdebra shawver   June 23, 2017

A traitor to our Republic....lock them ALL up! Gitmo has room I hear.

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 13, 2017

Oh pulleeeaaaassssse!!! 2 demoncraps...out to get our President. These communists need to be taken down..what is wrong with the brain dead folks that vote these folks into office in the...

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 13, 2017

Maybe we can only hope that the terrorists make the 9th their next target...or the Hawaii court....soft targets..no weapons....only then will these liberal anti-American globalists...maybe open their eyes.

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 11, 2017

I call that treason...why is he, jarret and the rest of the commie/marxist entourage still walking around???????

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 08, 2017

This traitor needs to be prosecuted and now...sign Jay Sekulow's petition and donate $$$ for this to happen. ACLJ....way past time for these snakes to go down and fill GITMO...

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 07, 2017

Is it just me....or is the traitor....white??? Maybe I need new glasses. Her parents must be so proud. One down...many to go.

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 03, 2017

Oh pulleeeaaaasssse......she needs to be put out of her hateful whiny misery....what she did was grotesque, wrong and hateful...and she knew it was wrong at the time...snickered about it....and President...

debra shawverdebra shawver   June 02, 2017

Well..we Americans will glady send you all the treasonous liberal commie/marxist Bolsheviks from the USA to France..make sure you place them as refugees in your no-go zones so they can...

debra shawverdebra shawver   May 30, 2017

Disgusting is ALL I can say...she supports and preaches sedition against our Constitution and President. Cannot stand this BS anymore!

debra shawverdebra shawver   May 19, 2017

Does NOT surprise me one bit..she is a commie/marxist from the get go...using Saul Alinsky tactics to spew her hate...she is another of the swamp that needs lynching for treason....

39 results - showing 1 - 10  
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