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Reviews written by debra shawver

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debra shawverdebra shawver   August 13, 2017
(Updated: August 13, 2017)

Thank you king o and you band of treasonous thugs...giving my tax $$$ to enemies of our country.....I never did consent to this!. All you cared about was ans is...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 27, 2017

I hope she wins and wins big....from a fellow Momma Grizzley...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 23, 2017

Have news for graham the RINO...there are way more than 11 million ILLEGALS here...I have heard that same number for the last 15 years....and we know for a fact that...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 17, 2017

Build the damn wall...deport ALL known gang members, incarcerate the American gang members, re-institute the 10 Commandments and increase treatment centers for in hospital 6 month treatment for...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 16, 2017

Warren should be panicking over the real Indian running on the Repub side in her own state....the one that sent her an ancestry DNA test to take to prove she...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 12, 2017

AZ needs to get behind Kelli...she is awesome and would be a great Constitutional Senator. mcpain put so many lying TV ads during the primary paid for by soros and...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 08, 2017

What a freakin" a$$hole.....typical lieberal commie progressive...do as I say not as I do......then he will have a BIG WALL and armed security around his "place".....cannot stand this hypocrisy...he and...

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 05, 2017

All demoncraps know how to do is raise taxes, make their people poorer and spend the $$$ on illegals and unAmerican "refugees"

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 05, 2017

V A $$ coming...defeat this lying witch.....I suggest you get a court order and make fakeahontas prove herself....

debra shawverdebra shawver   July 04, 2017

We have A LOT of stupid useful commie idiots in this country.....they ALL need to pack up and go to Venezuela.....

57 results - showing 1 - 10  
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