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Reviews written by Raymond Martucci

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Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   July 22, 2017

I don't want to hear that the shot was done on accident this was shot on purpose and this so called cop should be going to jail. If this officer...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   July 08, 2017

These are not leaders they are the worlds leading cesspool. Just blow the planet up since you are already screwing it up. Nothing but children with this group.

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   July 04, 2017

What is funny about these Americans welcome these Muslims or refugees but I don't see Muslims countries welcoming Americans. And if any of these Americans go to there illegal they...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 23, 2017

I never seen a president ever acting up like a spoiled little bitch. He just can't help himself for being the worlds biggest kisser just so people can like him....

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 10, 2017

Lol. These idiots are bringing liar Comey back for round 2 of lies. These idiots rather see this country go down no matter how much it takes. I see them...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 09, 2017

Lol. This is a parade of pride. Pride of what of how of a hate group these people are or pride of how miserable they are. What pride are they...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 08, 2017

California just like Hawaii they might as well put huge smoke stacks all over the country and tell the states what the Paris accord looks like

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 07, 2017

These people wanting to impeach trump are not even Americans their president is back in the middle east. So they should have no say on impeaching trump. Far as...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 07, 2017

Its one less embarrassing player off the field bad enough these players are not even good players and getting stupid salaries. If kapernick had heart for the game be wouldn't...

Raymond MartucciRaymond Martucci   June 05, 2017

Yes Putin the American people have become dumb after the last year. They have become the sheep the democrats was hoping for. We are witnessing that most American people have...

40 results - showing 1 - 10  
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