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Reviews written by Bruce Kellar

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Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 19, 2017

Unfortunately there are no limits to where a liberal will go because of a lack of fear of reprisal since they are in concert with not only the democrats, but...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 13, 2017

What a ruse. Trump already denounced the punks, all of them. The next step would be to roll out the artillery and start shooting. This was all arranged and paid...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 12, 2017

From where I sit there has never been any fuzziness between US and Russia. Only a fool or a liberal would imagine something different. Oops, did I say something to...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 11, 2017

He does not share his fathers wisdom. He has avoided common sense in favor of his failed manliness to practice his newfound madness.

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 04, 2017

California has enough illegal immigrants in tow to snuff any fire and lot's of money to keep them in good fashion. Now they are a future nation that needs nothing...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   September 04, 2017

If Obama likes it, so does congress. Whatever he likes so do the congress. It is amazing that anything done by Obama met with wide approval by most republicans, especially...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   August 23, 2017

Liberals are purely insane. To suggest that anything Trump has said promotes killing is absurd. However if your a jihadist you may have it coming upon your attempts,.as the liberals...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   June 16, 2017

Should go without saying that Merkel is on the fringe of sanity with her policies that have brought about the destruction of her once great nation, built free by America!...

Bruce KellarBruce Kellar   June 01, 2017

While Carrey may be adept in the delivery of garbage he expels verbally he has no grasp what he says or on any common sense. His ignorance in public proves...

9 results - showing 1 - 9  


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