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Reviews written by Robert Dykman

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Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   September 05, 2017

TED CRUZ, born in Canada by a cuban father and an American mother. He is every bit as much an American as ex press. Ovomit!!!!He is a good senator most...

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   August 11, 2017

I always knew I liked this Allen West dude, rite on the money

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   August 11, 2017

Read first amendment, it has something to do with free speech......OR.....As John B says, "heres some cheese to go with that wine"

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   August 05, 2017

STUPID REPUBLICANS......Back your president then you will start winning,,,,KEEP SCREWING AROUND AND YOU WILL BE THE LOOSERS EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE.....Mid term elections coming up, you will probably loose the...

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   August 05, 2017

Drain the Swamp.....Dump Ryan,Mcdonnell,Grahm,Mcain.......

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   July 09, 2017

RINOS,RINOS, RINOS, why can you not keep your promise?," REPEAL OVOMIT CARE"

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   June 26, 2017

Please make a little more room i`ll be there just as soon as my house sales. conservative hillbilly

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   June 17, 2017

Miz Pelosi is absolutely correct. It is all the fault of Fox news. Truer words were never spoken. If Fox news would quit reporting every completely obnoxious, stupid,idiotic,Blather that comes...

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   June 15, 2017

More swamp news, they waited until they were home safe in Turkey before issuing arrest warrants...

Robert DykmanRobert Dykman   June 14, 2017

They are swamp results, pick em up and shipem out.....Three cheers for ICE.

53 results - showing 1 - 10  
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