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Reviews written by Teresa Kozikowski

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Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   July 03, 2017

I didn't know they could organize that big of group of losers! Collectively they have s brain the size of a gnat:)))))

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   June 03, 2017

Apology not accepted!!! By doing your lame ass stunt, you showed your support for ISIS! I hope your social media will be investigated by the FBI to see what your...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   May 31, 2017

Put her plastic face in jail! She is part of ISIS regime. The FBI should check ALL her Social media activity to verify what and who she has sent...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 30, 2017

Why would you have a lame ass event like this, giving the Demonics, yet another forum to tear Conservatives and our President up especially if the President isn't there?? STOP...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 18, 2017

Just think of the wackos we could unload if CA seceded....GREAT news! That state has the dumbest ideas, laws, illegals, drugs and PEOPLE! Just think those assholes should need a...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 17, 2017

I thought Google could be trusted, why then would you rank "any" comments? The public can figure out what is real and what is fake, that should NOT be your...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 13, 2017

Great news! President you are truly a great leader. This was so important because I don't believe in abortion and I sure don't want my tax dollars used for something...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 12, 2017

Let them fund planned parenthood, they are the ones getting all the abortions. I don't believe in abortion so I don't want my tax dollars being used. Simple, "those that...

Teresa KozikowskiTeresa Kozikowski   April 06, 2017

Don't let the Demonics tell you what to do, quit letting them rule!! Take charge an go nuclear!!!!!! Sick of this, "Just Do It"!!!!!

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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