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Reviews written by Merridee Pavlenko

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Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 15, 2017

Weiner is an adult or at least according to his age he is, IQ is another ? as to whether or not he is an adult. Democrats...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 14, 2017

it is mainly the demo=rats that are leaking information, and not evening getting the facts right, so telling lies as to what is going on, and media then gives us...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 14, 2017

These students do not realize the history our country was founded on, all they want to do is show the power they have. most of those students have nto studied...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 13, 2017

maybe we need new employees for these areas that are not part of the elite that don't like securing our borders. cartels need to be stopped, and so do all...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 09, 2017

Demo-rats don't seem to work for the USAS people who elect them, so let the government shut down and then ship them to another country and let them live there,...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   September 03, 2017

God is sure showing his wrath upon N Korea, Kin Jong better watch himself. God will win and he will end up blowing up the area of the weapons....

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   August 30, 2017

Isn't this what President Trump has been saying along, WOW and she finally stated something backing him up. Wanders never cease. Doubt CNN will report this positive statement...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   August 23, 2017

if the government shuts down I don't think the house or senate should be paid or receive any benefits during the closure. Our President isn't playing games, the H...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   August 23, 2017

It is sad that the media gets 98 percent of their funding from the democrats, and do nothing to tell the truth, there is so much fake news out there...

Merridee PavlenkoMerridee Pavlenko   August 16, 2017

you should not destroy our history, it is bad enough our children don't learn the states, capitals, no how to do cursive, you are destroying what rights we have gained...

46 results - showing 1 - 10  
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