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Reviews written by David Shultz

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David ShultzDavid Shultz   August 17, 2017

Well doesn't this speak volumes about the DNC, RINO's, the Media and Antifa the Alt Left and the Swamp. Bigotry towards America, Lies about America, Hatred for America, no...

David ShultzDavid Shultz   August 12, 2017

After the Waters of America act fiasco. Everybody in the EPA should be exposed, ridiculed and sent home. If you think his actions are bad then you now know...

David ShultzDavid Shultz   August 11, 2017

Thank you Sir, your comments were exactly correct and that is exactly what the left thinks and believes we should do. None of us have any rights or opinions...

David ShultzDavid Shultz   August 05, 2017

Be careful what you ask for. You are already single-handedly funneling hundreds of thousands of new voters to the republican party. Great job. ty Toledo Sgt

David ShultzDavid Shultz   July 26, 2017

Hey AG Sessions, Pres. State Dept, FBI, CIA, anybody home, care to pass this along??????? Special Counsel???, 17 Intel agencies??? Are you there??? Your missing a BIG investigation...

David ShultzDavid Shultz   July 12, 2017

Look up Milonton Mulonkovich a Serbian scientist who studied this problem and found that these warming and cooling periods were due to the ORBITAL PATTERN and the AXIAL Tilt...

David ShultzDavid Shultz   July 11, 2017

Oh look another old white guy with white privilege. ty Toledo Sgt

David ShultzDavid Shultz   June 27, 2017

I prefer their name be " The Now Defunct and Out of Business Lying News Network ". ty Toledo Sgt

David ShultzDavid Shultz   June 25, 2017

Call the investigative team in for a consult and review what they have and make it known, or shut it down. ty Toledo Sgt

48 results - showing 1 - 10  
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