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Reviews written by L HYAK

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L HYAKL HYAK   August 16, 2017

This kind of elected leadership is a problem to all, he is irresponsible and allowed a group of people who ask for a permit to assemble peacefully and exercise free...

L HYAKL HYAK   August 12, 2017

OH you can just bet this article took into consideration that only the kook groups they deem right wing were the problem here, it's not like the normal sountherner is...

L HYAKL HYAK   August 10, 2017

Again proving to all that the farce of sanctuary city use is nothing more than criminal havens and those who support this kind of illegal criminality are nothing more...

L HYAKL HYAK   August 08, 2017

UH Oh...another possible scandal for the DNCommunist Criminal Party....The list is already a mile long for unconstitutional acts and violations of the rule of law up to and including treason...

L HYAKL HYAK   August 03, 2017

I do believe you are witnessing tactics that amount to extortion and black mail against the Pres by the RINO/Lib affiliation...Russia has always been a thorn to deal with in...

L HYAKL HYAK   July 30, 2017
(Updated: July 30, 2017)

The left is never going to stop the lies because it's how they exist, they do not compete well and are always trying to share their plans for misery for...

L HYAKL HYAK   July 23, 2017

Jeb has proven himself to be a lethargic leader, he is used to the slow thinking, slow moving bureaucracy and keeps his hand out to the lib so he...

L HYAKL HYAK   July 12, 2017

From all the cheap unsubstantiated talk coming from the enviro whackos and the pandering political thugs, that big ice cube will totally change earth as we know it and "We...

L HYAKL HYAK   July 08, 2017
(Updated: July 08, 2017)

The euros are looking for free money to prop up their failed economy...our own economy was slow last year but still 50% better than the europeans and the rest...

L HYAKL HYAK   July 05, 2017

LOL.......is there nothing cnn does now that is near sane or logical.....these folks are now the top msm wordsmith klutzes of all time, they are losing more ground in one...

26 results - showing 1 - 10  
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