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Reviews written by Kirk Kahler

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Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 14, 2017

he was radicalized by the mainstream media’s obsession with conspiracy theories , fake news , lies and unnamed sources ! this what is happening with the MSM pimping this...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 07, 2017

now that's funny iran has been spending money for ever on terror around the world and they never thought it would come home well guess what it just did and...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 07, 2017

he dose not have a job cuz he did what he did and that's that ! no one wants him on there team the fans do not want him on...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 07, 2017

Democratic Leaders one more time show the American people that they just don't care about them or the country ! this has to stop they are corrupt and lie to...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 03, 2017

we all know that the Obama/Clinton corrupt cartel did every thing they could to stay in power keep the money coming in and to do that they had to spy...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   June 01, 2017

this is wrong that he is here and the blame goes to the Obama/Clinton/MSM cartel known better as the left ! they protect these people have citys all set up...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   May 30, 2017

I see it like this the FBI and others told the DNC there were hacks going on but the DNC would not let them look in to there computers !...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   May 30, 2017

this is horse crap that Obama and his team are still walking free ! there broke the law and they need to pay for there crimes ! this double standard...

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   May 19, 2017

OMG really !! she is loosing it so fast ! she needs to step down for her mind is not there any more !

Kirk KahlerKirk Kahler   May 18, 2017

so trump did not ask and the left and there attack dogs the MSM are running fake news ! wow what a bunch of ass holes this is a clear...

35 results - showing 1 - 10  
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