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Reviews written by Greg Hamlin

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Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   September 19, 2017

I guess if the powers that be can't control thugs and looters well folks better arm yourselves.Better beware though as a law abiding citizen stopping a criminal you Wil probably...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 29, 2017

The biggest threat is the attack on free speech.Especially that of conservative groups that peacefully assemble.What we have here is a mayor that has no guts.He refuses to protect those...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 28, 2017

Racists come in black and white.Antifa looks like Muslim terrorists.The cowards cover their heads with hoods.CNN incites them.Seems all these hate groups hate everyone.Especially they hate those who rally for...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 20, 2017

Oh by the way Christians and conservatives are becoming the target of hatred such as that seem from Adolph Hitler's NAZI regime.If things are not remedied soon and from some...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 20, 2017

Typical liberal agenda.Let bad things happen,or even make bad things happen so they can take our rights away in the name of public safety.What a crock.People wake up and see...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 11, 2017

Definitely would be easier to adapt to a changing climate.As for climate change that happens all the time.What could be so bad than a warmer climate to raise food.Did you...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   August 11, 2017

Well said sir.Thank You.

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   July 07, 2017

There is very good proof that liberal high minimum wages is not so good.The USA seems to be going through a transition from manufacturing to a service oriented business.Unfotunately many...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 26, 2017

As a private enterprise the proprietor should have the right to deny service to anyone he or she chooses.Also isn't it fair to say that his religious right is being...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 15, 2017

The only Gun control we might need areThose used in movies.Disarm the Hollywood movies.Let's pretend there aren't violent people in this world.In the real world in real time they exist.They...

25 results - showing 1 - 10  
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