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Reviews written by Greg Hamlin

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Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   July 07, 2017

There is very good proof that liberal high minimum wages is not so good.The USA seems to be going through a transition from manufacturing to a service oriented business.Unfotunately many...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 26, 2017

As a private enterprise the proprietor should have the right to deny service to anyone he or she chooses.Also isn't it fair to say that his religious right is being...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 15, 2017

The only Gun control we might need areThose used in movies.Disarm the Hollywood movies.Let's pretend there aren't violent people in this world.In the real world in real time they exist.They...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 14, 2017

Leave our guns alone.We need them for self protection.From Crazy Muslims to those in Govt.that abuse UNARMED citizens.The founding fathers of this country knew that.Next bring back some civility with...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 10, 2017

The both of them should be locked up together forever.They can love each other till death do they part.

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   June 10, 2017

I believe Comey has something to hide and Obama has blakmailed him.There is so much innuendo and little to no proof that President Trump has done anythi,g illegal.Obama and Hillary...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   May 27, 2017

We have The Constitution of The United States of America.Use it.Progressivism practiced by the likes of Obama and others is abhorrent.The direction they want to go is backwards towards a...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   May 21, 2017

Why is the use of profanity and amoral behavior so important to these people.It makes them sound worse than so called low life.They claim they want bullying stopped then act...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   May 20, 2017

This has to be a joke.Pot users are the most prolific workers in the world.Well look how they keep others working to support them.You may want to tax the sellers...

Greg HamlinGreg Hamlin   May 19, 2017

We didn't surrender at at The Bulge and not going to now.NUTS.

18 results - showing 1 - 10  
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