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Reviews written by Barry Clevenger

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Barry ClevengerBarry Clevenger   May 23, 2017

Patriotic my a ss. No, they were exorcising their 1st Amendment right to act like Liberal crybabies. Much like the Shrews do every day on their clown show. ...

Barry ClevengerBarry Clevenger   May 07, 2017

lol What a hypocrite, DC is full of them on both sides of the aisle. Feinstein and Pelosi are two of the most vilest females on Capital Hill. ...

Barry ClevengerBarry Clevenger   May 02, 2017

The New York Times is a secular, atheistic entity that actually admitted they probably didn't understand Christians in this country. Why does this article even get any attention? ...

Barry ClevengerBarry Clevenger   April 20, 2017

Brian Williams, a PROVEN LIAR, gets to run his Liberal, Trump hating mouth? They should have fired this man for lacking any journalistic integrity but no, the still allow him...

4 results - showing 1 - 4  


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