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Reviews written by Ron Thompson

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Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   June 09, 2017

This is hilarious! the group that DEMANDS tolerance don't even do it themselves! Talk about first class hypocrisy, this takes the cake! But what else would you expect!

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   June 02, 2017

What an idiot! She and a friend came up with the ideal, now she is claiming Trump forced her to do it! What a twit! Typical Democrat, shift and blame...

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   May 31, 2017

It's not a treaty, it's extortion! This is a case were the rich get richer and poor throw all there money to the rich in hopes of getting approval and...

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   May 18, 2017

Will anyone know of this other than us reading Blabber buzz? Waters has been putting the screws to her district for a long time!

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   May 06, 2017

Are these the people that said; We don't know what's in the bill until we read it, talking about ACA! Look at the disaster it turned out to be! The...

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   May 05, 2017

We are going back to the Dark ages! With Judge's respecting a personal right, they are going to twist and use the Constitution for bathroom actions! This Judge should be...

Ron ThompsonRon Thompson   April 29, 2017

Al Gore request the government give Climate change 1.4 million dollars ( or something like this). The question is; why can Al Gore and his buddy George Soros fess...

7 results - showing 1 - 7  


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