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Reviews written by Dale Ruff

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Dale RuffDale Ruff   June 09, 2017

What's the complaint? That a private citizen made public his private notes? That he exposed the attempt by Trump to stop the investigation into fired liar Flynn? That...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   June 06, 2017

The headline is a lie: there is not evidence he will "keep every penny" He will, of course, pay taxes. Fake headline/fake news.

Dale RuffDale Ruff   May 25, 2017

Cogent Social Sciences. " ....... the open-access journal that published their article requests that authors pay to publish. In the case of Cogent Social Sciences, the recommended fee is a...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   May 21, 2017

More people voted for Clinton but we got Trump. We did not get what we voted for. We got the loser. True fact!

Dale RuffDale Ruff   May 20, 2017
(Updated: May 20, 2017)

Saudi Arabis is a fascist monarchy in which women cannot drive or move in public without a male escort.The US is arranging a $110 billion arms sale (which will compel...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   May 20, 2017

"In the year I was born, U.S. vital statistics reported that more than 700 women died from abortion. The true number was substantially higher, and the population of the country...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   May 03, 2017

I have despised HRC for 25 years I did not vote for her, but top rated ABC polling found that 1 in 3 likely voters, based on the October...

7 results - showing 1 - 7  


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