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Reviews written by Dale Ruff

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Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 21, 2017

Just went to CNN. Headline: Jerry Lewis, comedian, dies at 91.The earlier headline using the name Jerry Lee Lewis was followed by the statement that Jerry Lewis, comedian, had...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 20, 2017

Where there is a reasonable expectation of violence, such as just happened in Charlotteville when these same groups assembled, the Supreme Court has rules that freedom of speech can be...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 17, 2017

Burning flags (the protesters "damaged a flag")is protected free speech. The only crime might be damaging pubic property.....there was no violence. Violence is like murdering people in...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 17, 2017
(Updated: August 17, 2017)

Washington was the largest slave owner and the richest Founding Father. It's time to replace these slave owners, who caused the deaths of millions of slaves and children,with...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 15, 2017

Abbas, of course,is the lapdog of the Israelis. A happy North Korean leader may be less inclined to respond to Trump's threats of annihilation with understanding that...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 15, 2017

More fake news. North Korea said it would deliver missiles 20-30km from Guam if in fear of attack by the US. It NEVER said it would bomb Guam....

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 13, 2017

Iran's Parliament did not chant "Death to America" but some members did. Death to America means an end to the US oppression of Iran, which started when the...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 12, 2017

"Seth Connell reports that President Trump told special prosecutor Robert Mueller that he should remain out of business and financial transactions that were not related to the Russia probe. But...

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 11, 2017

Blabbuzz has attracted a tiny clan of far right bombthrowers and racists. No one else is paying attention. This article had 19 readers when I opened it....

Dale RuffDale Ruff   August 09, 2017

Trump fights back.........against a tiny mouse of a nation with just enough nukes to cause its total annihilation in response. David and Goliath. ...

38 results - showing 1 - 10  
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