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Reviews written by Al Pambuena

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Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   September 13, 2017

typical comments from a black supremacists that gets off for the same thing any white person would get fired for.....and who in the hell watches espn anyway....

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   September 07, 2017

daca is another piss poor example of how the government refused to secure the border and enforce immigration laws...so instead of doing that to prevent illegal immigration in the first...

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   August 11, 2017

hey Bernie...the school kids in china are learning mandatory English, advanced math and science....meanwhile our kids are struggling with common core math, islam indoctrination and transgender theology......yea Bernie why in...

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   August 11, 2017

where in the hell do these nitwits come from....obvious this is a left wing democrat that voted for Hillary and has swallowed the kool aid on climate change....

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   July 10, 2017

just like the minimum wage...this is another socialist agenda that does nothing but keep the democrat plantations in-check for future votes that promote large central government dependency, high unemployment...and a...

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   June 22, 2017

here is an example of democrat run state where Chicago is one of the biggest crime organizations today.....gangs, mass shootings, corrupt officials, drugs and a big push to be...

Al PambuenaAl Pambuena   June 10, 2017

don't forget when they talk about Hezbollah...they are also talking about the Palestinians who have joined Hezbollah against Israel....this alone will prevent any peace agreement with Palestine and Israel......

7 results - showing 1 - 7  


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