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Reviews written by Walt Walters

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Walt WaltersWalt Walters   September 20, 2017

That is NOT art, that IS GARBAGE and should NOT be propagated. It is about HATE, pure and simple and NEEDS to STOP NOW!

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   September 19, 2017

That's great news and THAT is where it belongs. Now maybe the US can start showing a better GNP and we can relax on these gun grabbing idiots. ...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   September 13, 2017

Trump has ALREADY denounced hate groups. Hopefully that includes ALL DEMONocRATS because THEY are the ones feeding the fire of HATE groups. So why doesn't CONGRESS do something MEANINGFUL...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   September 06, 2017
(Updated: September 06, 2017)

To protest the National Anthem, for whatever reason, is to protest the American way of life. It you football players have a problem with this country you are MORE...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 31, 2017

I think they SHOULD be turned over that way AMERICAN'S can be helped and the illegals will be taken care of as well and deported as they SHOULD be....

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 25, 2017
(Updated: August 25, 2017)

The people responsible for using those funds correctly should be indicted, prosecuted and JAILED for misusing those funds for personal gain. Just like ANY politician. The people that NEEDED...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 25, 2017

Send them back and let them come back LEGALLY.

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 24, 2017

Trump is 100% right. You don't like it when he calls you out for what you are because it doesn't "fit" your agenda. Well TOO darned bad, grow up,...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 24, 2017

RYAN & McCONNELL need to GO. Neither one is capable of doing their jobs anymore. Probably never were and were more than happy wallowing in their self made castles...

Walt WaltersWalt Walters   August 15, 2017

If Pelosi says it i guarantee you i would NEVER do it!

27 results - showing 1 - 10  
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