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Reviews written by Susanna Donovan

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Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   September 13, 2017

Dear Steve Bannon, please keep yourself safe. We cannot afford to lose our White Knight of common sense..

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   August 27, 2017

Sheriff Joe should run against John McCain, or get appointed to DHS. He'd make a great White House advisor...watch the lefts heads explode!

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   August 05, 2017

Paul Ryan has become a Crony Capitalist. Greedy big business wants cheap labor, and who is in the pockets of Big Labor more than Senators and Congressman. They...

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   August 05, 2017

Maxine Waters needs to be Impeached for Treason against a sitting President and encouraging mob violence. White Lies Matter Maxine!

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   July 27, 2017

Sarah Palin YES!!!! You GO GIRL!!! If anyone can weed out corruption, it's Sarah Palin. What she did as Governor of Alaska was unbelievable, and the devils took her...

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   July 23, 2017

Jeb, you allowed Terri Schiavo to be murdered because you wanted to be PC. There is no proof Russia actually meddled in US election, but we do know that...

Susanna DonovanSusanna Donovan   July 20, 2017

I don't think Gender Identity Disorder is funny, and all the people who went along with Bruce's illness should be tarred and feathered, and Doctor who castrated him should have...

7 results - showing 1 - 7  


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