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Reviews written by Ellen Dale

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Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 25, 2017

This has to be the sickest group of people I have ever seen.....All of us that voted for President Trump are going to have to stay strong and make sure...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 24, 2017

You know Chuck, I think too little, too late....The problem is the Dems/Liberals nasty reteric and the fact you are unable to talk about anything else but Russia....It's getting old.......

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 21, 2017

First in several places of this artical, it states Maxine Waters is a R-CA she is a D-CA....She is also one of the most mean spirited women ever...Please dear Lord...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 18, 2017

We need to have patience when it comes to the healthcare in this country....I know people will say "How much more time? We've waited long enough"....As a retired medical biller,...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 16, 2017

When is the DNC going to stop blaming everyone and everything for their problems?.....The reason they are freaking out over President Trump checking into voter fraud is because they have...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 12, 2017

If you have ever watched this horrible show this is no surprise.....Joe Scarborough left the Republican Party a long time ago.....Mika wares the pants in that relationship.....This is the best...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 11, 2017

Stephen King....These remarks you have made about President Trump just cost you a fan and your books will now become landfill....

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 10, 2017

This is outrageous......Well, in my opinion, should anyone in my family become a victim at the hands of any of these illegals I will seek to sue the state, Governor,...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   July 07, 2017

Joe and Mika got everything they deserved......Mika said that President Trump was mentally ill, have you ever seen this show? Between the two of them and that nut case Donny...

9 results - showing 1 - 9  


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