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Reviews written by Wayne

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WayneWayne   September 13, 2017

This is, of course, a racist pos. How do these morons dare say, "blacks can't be racist" when there are examples galore, like this, of blacks making racist comments and...

WayneWayne   September 12, 2017

I'm by far not in favor of a nuclear war but this dude evidently must believe he can win one if he starts one. I hope Kim doesn't successfully launch...

WayneWayne   September 09, 2017

The problem with the "good muslims" is that they are so rare. Most of them aren't willing to speak against the radicals. I guess I would prefer not to be...

WayneWayne   September 09, 2017

I'll gladly support people who fell black lives matter as soon as they chant, black lives matter, just like whites, and all other races. I'm getting really tired of the...

WayneWayne   September 09, 2017

These people just blow me away...I mean how retarded can they be? I don't personally have a problem with addicts IF they're in recovery. I'm a recovering addict myself. But...

WayneWayne   September 06, 2017

I've always known she was a total douche. All her criminal activities and it's everyone else's fault but hers that she lost the election? Seriously? What a heap of slime!...

WayneWayne   September 06, 2017

So let me get this straight...this Fox chieit stain acknowledges his country is loaded down with poverty but it's somehow the right of these poor "poverty stricken" Mexicans to come...

WayneWayne   August 31, 2017

You know...I get that we are not savages and they are...but Jesus, they're using their families as human shields! How can we "play by the rules" with these savages? They...

WayneWayne   August 31, 2017

This is bad. I don't agree with the Crimea thing and, of course we can't just allow foreign nations to interfere in our elections but these are not people to...

9 results - showing 1 - 9  


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