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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 05:00

7 moments that stood out during President Obama's farewell speech

Written by  CBS News

President Barack Obama’s journey as the leader of the United States of America came full circle Tuesday night in Chicago.

Eight years ago, he was at McCormick Place in Grant Park, delivering his acceptance speech for the presidency.

Tuesday evening he was back, but this time, he was saying goodbye.

“My fellow Americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you,” President Obama said to a packed and enthusiastic convention center.

Mr. Obama’s speech felt familiar coming from the leader. He offered a sense of hope -- one last time -- to the American people, the same slogan he used during his 2008 presidential campaign.

From a warm standing ovation to the crowd chanting “four more years,” there were several key moments during Mr. Obama’s farewell address. Here are seven that stood out:

1. Defining a legacy

In a nod to his legacy, Mr. Obama said the country is in a better and stronger place than when he first took office. He highlighted what he said is one of the longest streaks in job growth in the country’s history.

He also reminded the American people about his signature bill, the Affordable Care Act.

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