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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 07:49

Jeff Sessions Just Got BUSTED Lying at the Senate Hearing; His Wife Spilled the Beans…

Written by  C.E. Dyer

During an otherwise heavy day of grilling in his attorney general confirmation hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions was asked a much lighter question — and was caught by his wife in a bit of a fib.

Sen. John Cornyn asked Sessions:

Sen. Sessions, I know the nature of these confirmation hearings is that people pick out issues that they are concerned about, or where there may be some good faith disagreement on policy and that is what they focus on. But let me just ask you, maybe it is not a great analogy, but let me try anyway.

You’ve been married to your wife, Mary, almost fifty years, right?

Sessions replied, “Well, it hasn’t gotten to fifty yet. Forty-seven. Soon to be forty-eight.”

Cornyn noted, “Well, that is a good run,” and Sessions replied “Let it continue. I have been blessed.”

That’s when Cornyn asked the million dollar question: “Are there occasions when you and your wife disagree?”

Sessions, whose wife was seated behind him, insisted: “No, senator.”

As the room erupted in laughter, the most telling laugh came from Sessions’ wife Mary, whose reaction said it all.

An individual reminded Sessions that he was under oath to which he noted: “Wait a minute, I’m under oath.

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