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Thursday, 12 January 2017 00:57

John Dickerson: Trump is creating a new relationship with the press -- and delegitimizing them

Written by  CBS News

It was hard to tell in President-elect’s news conference whether he was more disgusted with his intelligence community or with the media. CBS News political director and “Face The Nation” anchor John Dickerson weighs in.

Mr. Trump is creating a new relationship with the press. All presidents try to control the message by controlling the press -- but Mr. Trump is trying to do it through intimidation to soften up the stories against him.

Mr. Trump is also seeking to delegitmize them -- he’s not complaining about a specific story, he is saying there is a battle between him and the press in an attempt to take the value away from the press.

In his press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Trump refused to answer questions from a CNN reporter and then said “Don’t be rude. Don’t be rude. Don’t. Be. Rude. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Mr. Trump repeated the claim about “fake news,” saying he has been “hearing a lot about fake news” when “people go and they say all sorts of things, but let me tell you, some of the media outlets I deal with are fake news. I could name them but I won’t bother.

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