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Saturday, 14 January 2017 10:20

Report: ISIS And Mexican Cartels Strike At U.S In Mexico

Written by  Joe Biggs

Joe Biggs breaks down reports from Judicial Watch that ISIS militants joined forces with Mexican Cartels and attacked a U.S consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

High-level government sources also told Judicial Watch that the shootout was linked to a plan surrounding attacks against the U.S.

during the time of the presidential inauguration.

ISIS, Cartel Shootout Part of Inaugural Attack Plan

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Last modified on Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:53

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As yes another border problem! AND they Isis/Cartel thugs can run to a Sancuary city and be protected.
Let us hope Trump can get his cabinet together and start protecting us. Obama and the Sacred cities certainly haven't.
The Cartels have Mexico in the palms of their hands. We need to support Mexico in fighting these nasties tooth and nail. We'll have to be aware that a large percentage of the elites, police and officials are taking $$$ from the Cartels
and put the honest police and officials at a disadvantage.d And with the Fast and Furious guns that the Obama admin. let through, there is more chance of killing.
Start the wall, get Mexico's permission/partnership to catch and eliminate, work on immigration reform and stop all Federal funding to sacanutary cities.

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Obama how did muslim terrorists make it to Mexico? This is to much I understand that the gunmen are in there teens? Ill bet there is a connection to your skank muslim @$$. If there is youre one dead terrorist. The american people will tear you to shreads.

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Clinton Cartel contacting their sources I see. Desperate as what to do next only gets them more and more exposure. Not sure who is making the decisions there but they are a trite stupid if they think the citizens haven't a clue as to what they do in the dark. It is only a matter of time for them.

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The black flags of Mohammad fly freely in Mexico.

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(Updated: January 14, 2017)

Well....I see Obama's & the ATF's fast & furious plan is coming together quit nicely...But the part of the plan where Hillary was to bring in 500% more ISIS fighters didn't quit pan out for them...??? Oh well thy could always use FBI agent's pretending to be ISIS fighter's. But they had better hurry up, January 20th is approach fast, and their will be a new POTUS in the Whitehouse, and he may not agree with their plans...just saying!

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No surprise they have already been caught passing themselves off as Mexican when sneaking over the border. They learn Spanish and no one knows the diff

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(Updated: January 14, 2017)

Damn, one sure knows that your Right Thinking when people want to Stop You!!! President Trumps sworn enemies: Dumbocrats, Terrorists and Mexican Gangsters, etc. !!!

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A source on cdc drug cartel is isis and have paid for democrats to be in charge - gun running strait to t heir hands made them very powerful and they will stop at nothing

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Just googled up the story on the shocking, shocking I tell you massacre in Nueva Laredo by Isis and the Mexican cartels who are now in bed with one another. This news brought to you by Judicial Watch an organization slightly to the right of Genghis Kahn. The real story is there was a shootout, three killed, three wounded, just another tricky day down there. Point is boys and girls, the lurid details come from on highly suspect source and as near as I could tell and I tried, was unverified by any other source. By the bye...when the ultra liberal sites I also follow get a bit rambunctious in their reporting, I get in their fact as well.

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