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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 18:52

CNN's Zakaria Hopes Trump Behavior Is 'Incompetence' and Not Something 'Dark'

Written by  Brad Wilmouth

Appearing as a guest on Monday's CNN Tonight to discuss revelations that President Donald Trump shared classified intelligence with Russian officials in a recent meeting, CNN host Fareed Zakaria argued that "incompetence" by Trump would be a preferable explanation for the development rather than the more "dark" alternative of it being intentional.

Sighing, host Don Lemon worried: "I'm a glass half full guy, but, I mean, it's, for you to say that the most benign or the best explanation is incompetency is -- we're at a very sad place right now."

After recalling the meeting between the President and Russian officials, Lemon brought aboard Zakaria and fretted:

As I ask you almost every single night, what is your reaction to this breaking news? It's not funny, but it's laughable. Every single time I have you on, there is some breaking news. The President has done something outrageous, and here we are reacting to it.

Zakaria began his analysis:

Well, in this case, it seems to me, well, you almost have to hope for incompetence because the alternative is so dark. And so let's go with the incompetence theory.

After Lemon injected, "Do you think he's incompetent?" Zakaria continued:

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