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Thursday, 01 June 2017 17:33

Trump Pulls Out of Climate Accord: ‘I Was Elected To Represent Citizens of Pittsburgh, Not Paris’

Written by  Infowars.com

Trump defined what his “America First” agenda means with a strong rebuke of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Thursday, which the president said would have negatively impacted American workers.

Speaking at the White House Rose Garden, the president divulged various reasons he believed the Paris accord to be a bad deal for American workers and taxpayers, but left the door open for a more fair re-negotiation.

“I am fighting everyday for the people of this country: therefore, in order to fulfill my duty to protect America and its citizens the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord,” the president stated, adding, “But begin negotiations to reenter either the Paris Accord or an entirely new transaction.”

“We’re getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that’s fair. If we can, that’s great. If we can’t, that’s fine.”

“Not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions, it fails to live up to our environmental ideals,” Trump said. “The bottom line is that the Paris Accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States.”

Trump criticized the deal for shipping American jobs overseas, and claimed it was designed to financially weaken the country.

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The Paris accord was and will ever be a STUPID WASTE. It was designed to hurt America and Europe for no other reason than the Scienetists want to feel they are doing a penance for doing better than Third world Batuons. They do this because they incorrectly believe that if a person excels they do so at the expense of another and that is WRONG.

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Spot on statement, President Trump! Does Paris, or any other European shit hole give a rat's ass about us? Nope! F-them & F-the American Leftist Fascist Libturds drowning in their tears as we speak! God Bless President Trump, & God Bless America!!

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