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Saturday, 10 June 2017 09:50

Senators debate bringing in Comey for Round 2

Written by  Jordain Carney

A key Senate panel is considering whether to step up its battle to meet with former FBI Director James Comey, who gave dramatic testimony this week to a competing committee.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are debating subpoenaing Comey to compel his testimony.

The move would mark a dramatic escalation of their effort to dig into Russia’s election interference and potential ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told The Hill that she and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chairman of the committee, have discussed forcing Comey to appear before their panel.

“He asked me and I said I would,” said Feinstein, who made it clear that she would defer to Grassley on a timeline for the decision.

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(Updated: June 10, 2017)

Why did Comey mention his conversation with Loretta Lynch? It certainly bore on Hillary investigation but this committee was not investigating that.
I think he was "steering" the proceedings. He several times clued onlookers to the fact that we didn't and couldn't know everything about what spoke....but that our investigators did.
Was he alerting us that we are being misled not only by the media (e.g. NYT) but by our government as well. Clearly THAT could not have just come into being when Trump entered the WH.

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Antone Written by Antone
June 10, 2017
Last updated:
June 10, 2017
All USA Goverment planes have recordings continuously. There is a recording of Bill Clinton and Loretta Linch's conversation on the tarmac. No one has asked for it and it wasn't leaked because this is a complete farse to disrupt and destroy President Trump. The only illegal direction given we learned about was Linch asking Comey to lie about the Clinton criminal investigation and call it a matter. These congressmen are not interested in truth and Comey should be in a soap opera. He loves to act. His testimony is ridiculous and erratic. What a waste of time, money and press.

Meanwhile, no tax cuts, no Obamacare elimination, no truth on NASA hiding upcoming planetary collision, no news on N. Korea, no indictments of Obama people that broke many laws, no indictments on leaks, IRS abuse, fast and furious or any of the real pressing issues. These elected officials all need to be booted out of office. Comey was fired because he protected Cinton, Linch and Obama. NOT because of Russia. He is incompetent and should have been fired 8 months ago.
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Richard Schmidt Written by Richard Schmidt
June 14, 2017
Lynch was traveling on a gov aircraft. Furthermore, news men attracted by the delay in operations were ordered to turn off all recording devices after Clinton arrived.
Grounds for investigation?
(Updated: June 10, 2017)

What the hell ! Didn't Comey just perjure himself before a committee and also stated the he was the source of the leaks plus not to mention that President Trump was not under investigation and that there was no Russian ties to the president? How much longer are those lunatic tax sucking democrats going to beat that dead horse over the same issues that Comey himself had indicted himself over? Give it up already because the mid terms of 2018 are fast approaching and you democrats are going to wish that you've never heard of Russia-gate much less James Comey.

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Lol. These idiots are bringing liar Comey back for round 2 of lies. These idiots rather see this country go down no matter how much it takes. I see them fighting trump than anything else. Bunch of lunatic in the Senate

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The democrats just don't get it, Trump did not have Russia’s or anyone else interfere with elections, however the democrats did with all the dead voter fraud, etc, let it go, stop wasting our tax payers money in hashing over this issue which has been checked, rechecked etc for the last six month, get over it, and let our President tend to business.

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Instead of round two, lets arrest the leakier and try him!

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