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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 16:52

Democrat Shamelessly Calls for Gun Control, Rather Than Having Concern for Wounded GOP Colleagues

Written by  Bob Adelmann

Congressional Democrats who were practicing for Thursday night’s game with Republicans near the field where House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot gathered to pray for their colleagues. A photo posted on social media by Representative Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev.

) shows about 25 of them huddled together in their dugout with their heads bowed. Kihuen posted this comment along with the photo: “Me [sic] and my House Democrat colleagues saying a prayer for our House Republicans and Senate GOP baseball colleagues after hearing about this morning’s horrific shooting at their practice field.”

The alleged shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, of Belleville, Illinois, somehow obtained a semi-automatic rifle (Illinois has some of the country’s strictest gun control laws in place) and then somehow managed to ship it to Arlington, Virginia, also home to anti-gun politicians who have enacted almost equally draconian laws. There is little doubt that the shooter, now deceased (thanks to the intervention of an armed law-enforcement officer), was acting out his rage against Trump and his Republican supporters in Congress. Selwyn Duke, writing in The New American, said that “Hodgkinson was a leftist who … posted a link to a Change.org petition in late March that included the notation that ‘Trump is a Traitor.

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What most don't realise is that most of these people don't believe in God, so who were they praying to?

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Leave our guns alone.We need them for self protection.From Crazy Muslims to those in Govt.that abuse UNARMED citizens.The founding fathers of this country knew that.Next bring back some civility with you Senators,congressmen,mayors and etc.Somehow get through the entertainers and others that they need to stop inciting crazy people to do crazy things.No nothing is perfect but things can be made better and safer for eveyone.God has given us brains.Let's use them for good things instead of evil.

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Tom Schwander Written by Tom Schwander
June 15, 2017
These moronic liberals that are constantly screaming for "gun control" (meaning take all guns away from honest law-abiding citizens) seem to think that the criminals will lay down their weapons if the dems pass a law! Merely re-enforces the theory that liberalism is a mental disease. Unless those liberals have a magic wand that they can wave to instantly vaporize all the guns in the world this will not work, like it's been pointed out those areas with the most strict laws against guns seem to produce the most violence with gun armed criminals.


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