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Thursday, 15 June 2017 18:19

Pelosi Points Finger at Fox News, GOP for Rise in Political Vitriol

Written by  Melanie Arter

(CNSNews.com) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) referenced Fox News, Republican “language” and past comments from the president when discussing the rise in political vitriol that may have led to Tuesday’s shooting in Alexandria, Va.

, at her press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill. When asked about bridging the political divide between the two parties following the attack, Pelosi suggested that a man that was previously arrested for threatening her did so because he watched Fox News. “One of the people who went to jail for threats to me, when he was being tried his mother said he just watches too much FOX TV,” said Pelosi. “The horrible stuff that I hear that is crude and disgusting really comes from the outside. They may be inflamed. I don’t know. His mom said it was Fox News.” Pelosi also attacked Republicans in Congress for looking to the left’s anti-Republican sentiment that may have motivated the assailant in Tuesday’s shooting. “I think that the comments made by my Republican colleagues are outrageous, beneath of the dignity of the job they hold, beneath the dignity of the respect we would like Congress to command. How dare they say such a thing?” said Pelosi.

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Miz Pelosi is absolutely correct. It is all the fault of Fox news. Truer words were never spoken. If Fox news would quit reporting every completely obnoxious, stupid,idiotic,Blather that comes out of her mouth then the rest of us could enjoy our day.

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Pelosi is such a fruit cake. And then she points fingers at Fox -----that your excuse lady. Just because Fox doesn't think like you---------you progressive/ comi.!

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pelosi is definitely a crazy ass lunatic.

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Sandra Miller Written by Sandra Miller
June 16, 2017
Our conservative leaders, senators and representatives, need to start speaking out boldly and often in a more aggressive stance on this issue or we will remain the silent majority and lose this insane battle for power, prestige, control, and wealth. The left has no morals and they do not know right from wrong nor do they care, and they will continue to drive the narrative with psychological warfare until we show some backbone and resolve. We don't need to be weak to be nice but that's how we come across and evil people go for the kill when they encounter weak.

Ask Pelosi about the lefts fantasy with Russia and Trump, It was Hillary Clinton that masterminded the sale of US platonium to Russia and received Millions in donation to the Clinton Foundation (Clintons personal bank account), It was Bill Clinton who received $500,000. from the Russians for a speech all in that time frame. How about Obama (open Mic) saying tell Vladimir I will have more "flexibility" when I am re-elected. (Funny how he knew he would be re-elected) voter fraud? bussing illegal voters to the polls to vote(project Veritas). Does Nancy know who all the rioters are burning, breaking fighting with law enforcement, trying to halt free speech?? Yah Nancy, it's Fox news and the GOP! How can a woman this stupid be involved in our government for this many years?? Their are a lot of wacko nuts in the Democratic /Socialist/ Communist party, Does she know Clinton actually committed a crime with the email thing and got off from her buddies, Comey and Lynch and nobody held accountable?? and they wonder why they can't win an election, Stupid is as stupid says and does, YOU Pelosi!

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Leroy Written by Leroy
June 16, 2017
Nothing but a stand-up comedian. I don't think even she believes herself.


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