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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:00

Poll: Americans, 2-1, back Trump's travel ban

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Score a major victory in the court of public opinion for President Trump's latest travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim nations.

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll said that 60 percent back it, and only 28 percent oppose.

From a survey release:

The latest POLITICO / Morning Consult poll today revealed that a clear majority of voters support President Trump's travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries. Six in 10 voters back the travel ban, with 60% of voters supporting the State Department's new guidelines that require entrants to prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country—only 28% oppose them.

"Since we last asked about Trump's travel ban, we've seen a drop in those who oppose the executive order," said Morning Consult Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder Kyle Dropp. "Though, we've also seen an uptick in those who do not have any opinion on the matter or have yet to settle on one."

The poll shows that Republicans overwhelmingly back the restrictions, with 84% of GOP voters in support of the ban, and only 9% in opposition. The executive order is also popular among independent voters, who support it by a 56/30% margin.

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I found this number extremely hard to believe

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Walt Walters Written by Walt Walters
July 16, 2017
Last updated:
July 16, 2017
So what is so damned hard to understand?
The MUSLIM religion and refugee's in general HATE the USA and will do anything to destroy us!
So why are so many American's in favor of bringing potential TERRORISTS inside the US borders to work against us from within? Does ANYONE remember 911? Those guys were trained INSIDE US borders!
Although with the "progressive, leftist, DUMBocRAT" thinking, (which BTW they are incapable of) it makes perfect sense.
Again, which they have none.
One can only hope that these "refugee's" will eventually destroy some Liberal, leftist, progressive, DUMBocRATs people or possessions
and then maybe the light will come on if the filiment isn't broken.

My thinking when apply for Passport don.t have too wait 6 to 8 week before you get it back from the US Dept
do too back ground checks too see who you are same goes with the partial ban its called vetting

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President Trump is so right on this travel ban.......You would have to be a muslim to oppose it................
Why take a chance and let muslims into our country when most of them are "BAD" muslims............ We
have enough bad people in our country; we do not need anymore idiots and mad men here........

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Merridee Pavlenko Written by Merridee Pavlenko
July 05, 2017
If we entered your country illegally what would your leaders do? Now show us the same respect and do it the right way,
obey our laws, You came here for freedom, jobs, peace. You come in illegally your taking our jobs away, housing, medical etc for what nothing...NO MORE
YOU WORK, PAY TAXES just like AMERICANS DO, PAY BILLS ETC if you don't pay bills, work, or pay taxes your gone, if you commit a crime gone, if
you don't respect our LAWS and ways GONE. You also need to learn our language, so you can be understood when you speak. Your government wouldn't give us food stamps, free medicial, housing, vehicle etc, so why should working Americans do this for you as illegally. Come legally and earn you keep, pay for items you want or need, no more freebies in America for anyone. No work, No eat, that is Biblcial
In reply to an earlier comment

Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
July 05, 2017
If you are talking to the average immigrant who is denied legal status, he has lived here for more than 12 years, is employed, pays taxes, and has US citizen children. Only 1% of those who request work papers for unskilled labor are given them,......so do you think that lack of papers trumps abandoning your children, quitting your job, and getting stuck in Mexico while your family is in the US? What would you do? Would you abandon your family to "obey the law," which does denies you legal status despite having been here over 12 years and without a criminal record?

Our law is designed to ensure employees cheap labor without any rights. It is the law that is criminal, not those who are working, paying taxes, and raising their US citizen children while having a crime rate 50% lower than US citizens and a murder rate 99% lower (per Federal Bureau of Prisons data).

No one is more law abiding than those denied legal status, half of whom entered legally but did not leave because no decent human being would abandon his children because of a piece of paper he is denied.

Mickey Shupp Written by Mickey Shupp
July 05, 2017
Follow the MONEY TRAIL and you will see who is paying for, and opposes the travel ban.
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Janet Wheeler Written by Janet Wheeler
July 06, 2017
Agree with your comment. What is wrong with people coming in legally; working; paying their way; becoming citizens and learning to assimilate with the American people. If I should decide to live in Italy, I would learn Italian and follow their rules. If I lived in Germany (which I did in a military capacity for three years) I learned German so I could respect the country and make my way around in a friendly and compatible way. If I determined to live in ANY other country whose main language was not English, I would wholeheartedly take a course in their language and follow their laws. What's wrong with that? God Bless America!

get ALL illegals out, any way you can.

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William Carpenter Written by William Carpenter
July 05, 2017
All illegals are criminals. They are breaking the United States Law. If you want to come to this country, then do it the legal way, as many have done in the past. Deport all illegals, and those that have been deported and return or those that have broken other laws should be jailed first, then deported. Our country is a land of immigrants, but immigrants that abide by the law of the land and the will of the citizens. Unrestricted open doors only drive our economy down and result in lower standards of living for all middle class Americans and Legal immigrants. Learn the law and obey it. That is the first step to legalization. Those that are here legally are the ones that by en large have done it the right way and respect the United States, a country of laws.
Allen Barker Written by Allen Barker
July 05, 2017
Trump just finished doing the really right thing... No Immigrants Can get ANY Gov't. assistance 'til they been here at least 5 years!!! He shut off the Federal money spigot weeks ago and now we see churches no longer all that "interested" in sponsorships. Keep It UP Pres!!! You on the Right Track. Dems haven't been this mad since Republicans freed their slaves.


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