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Thursday, 06 July 2017 00:01

NLRB policy could stifle expansion of apprenticeships and worker training opportunities

Written by  Trey Kovacs

As extremely partisan as Congress has become nowadays, there are glimmers of hope for agreement on reforms to help boost jobs and economic opportunity. Republicans, Democrats, and the business community should be able to all get on board with ideas that promote a higher-skilled workforce.

The reasons are myriad. At no other time has the United States had so many job vacancies — six million. At the same time, there are over six million unemployed Americans seeking work. A "skills gap" may not explain this situation completely, but it shows that many potential employees do not offer what employers desire.

The matter is rather urgent. With technological advances, like self checkout, kiosks at fast food restaurants, and driverless cars on the way, today's jobs available for low-skilled workers today may not be tomorrow's available jobs. We must find ways to improve the skills of the workforce.

One solution that could win bipartisan support is the expansion of access to apprenticeship and skills training opportunities, a plan put forward by new Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. "There is no reason why apprenticeships should be limited to the trades," Acosta recently wrote in the Des Moines Register. "CEOs across the financial services, information technology and business services industries have expressed interest in expanding the apprenticeship model.

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You would think everyone would want this and to take the poor and train them to fix the housing they are given by Welfare and that way they would have a skill like being a plumber or electrician but because this would make them less dependent on Tax dollars in the form of Welfare and other programs that keep them down and the Democrats in office it will never happen. Sadly there are even a large number of RINOS that feel the same way. Politicians would rather have votes than to TRULY help those in need. I say this because not only has ELVIS left the building but so has INTELLIGENCE in those elected to govern this Nation. Obammy, Pelousy, Hitlery all proved that with Obammycare and every other thing Obammy got through Congress while in power.

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Jim Gould Written by Jim Gould
July 06, 2017

In the past the NLRB has been controlled by Union interests, Right to Work states are proving that open shops have greater advantages for employers and employees. The NLRB make up has to change for more favorable direction for worker advantages.


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