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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 13:30

New Obama Admin Memoir Exposes Drinking, Lewd Jokes, Womanizing

Written by  Hannah Mayer

In a new memoir, entitled, Thanks Obama Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years, former Obama speech writer David Litt chronicled his time in White House, describing a smoke-filled, lewd-joke-riddled, womanizing environment.


The Free Beaconsummarizes:

Litt, a Yale graduate, and, at just 24 years of age in 2011, one of the youngest White House speech writers, tells the story of applying for a White House position with a history of recreational drug use. Free Beacon summarizes

"After some back-of-the-envelope math, I listed thirty instances of undergraduate marijuana use, plus one experience with mushrooms I made clear I hadn't enjoyed," Litt recalls.

He also discusses how romance was "almost painfully easy" for a White House staffer. At least one aide used his position to sleep with a "blonde D.C. newscaster," although Litt does not specify who. The aide regularly boasted about his conquest to his coworkers.

The White House that Litt describes might be characterized as "fratty." He writes how the all-male, all-white, all-under-40 speech writing team drank, smoked, called each other "bro," and followed along with college basketball mostly to please Obama.

"If chest bumping had been permitted in the Oval, we would have gone for it," Litt writes.

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(Updated: July 13, 2017)

Well yeah...the democrat's don't fallow all that political correctness stuff, they just make that up to brutalize anyone that disagrees with their take over of a free sovereign nation...that they hate! Did everyone forget about what was exposed by the DNC email dump?

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Strikes me as pathetic. What a disgrace .

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With Obama at the head of this mess in the White House for 8 years it is surprising the book does not profile "manizing" since Obama is definitely not "married" to a woman.

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And this crude, childish behavior was writing speeches for the leader of the free world? Disgraceful....

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The administration, top to bottom, was a bunch of scumbags.

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Lawrence Greenberg Written by Lawrence Greenberg
July 13, 2017
And criminals, and traitors...

I'm just thrilled my tax paying dollars went for this!

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James Dionne Written by James Dionne
July 12, 2017
Weren't we told by the Democratic Party and the MSM that misogyny and disrespect toward women was endemic among Republicans?

Undoubtedly this will be a major story for Rachel Maddow, Erin Burnett, Alyson Camarota and the coven on 'The View' - NOT!

Democrats or liberals would never do this - they're too busy drowning women in the Chappaquiddick River, raping them in hotel rooms in Arkansas, or lying to mothers about the deaths of their sons in Benghazi
Bruce Wood Written by Bruce Wood
July 12, 2017
You see it in divorces, on Judge TV shows and Like WILCO there is one think that is true in many of the cases. The one yelling Foul is the one that is generally the one doing wrong. Look at the Democrats, they are yelling foul and most of what they are yelling about is things the have done. We all know Obama was a player. Wonder how many women he had in the oval office.
In reply to an earlier comment

Larry Reade Written by Larry Reade
July 12, 2017
I wonder how many men.


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