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Friday, 14 July 2017 16:25

Judicial Watch: John Podesta Needs to Be Investigated About His Russia Connections

Written by  Michael W. Chapman

John Podesta, the former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, served on the board of a company that received at least $35 million from a Russian investment group that was created and funded by the Kremlin and, given the current standard for investigating the Trump administration, Podesta’s Russia connections certainly merit investigation, said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Earlier this week on Fox’s The Intelligence Report, host Trish Regan asked Fitton, “I want to know about John Podesta and what you think there. Does he need to be investigated?”

Fitton said, “Well, if the standard is if you’re talking to the Russians and doing business with the Russians you need to be investigated, [then] John Podesta fits the bill to a T.”

“He served on a board with Russian government officials,” said Fitton. “His board, his company took $35 million out of $110 million raised from a Russia-centered organization, or state organization.”

“So, by all standards, he ought to be subject to an investigation on Russia collusion – if that’s the standard they’re using to investigate the Trump team,” said Fitton.

As investigator and author Peter Schweizer explained to the New York Post, Podesta was appointed to the board of the green energy firm Joule Unlimited, in Massachusetts, in January 2011.

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That and his Luciferian, Maria Abramovic spirit cooking Black mast pedophilia that involves kidnap, torture, rape and murder of children he talked about in his Phished not hacked by Russia e-mails.

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NOBODY Gives a F about Russia!!! Odummy interfered in more elections than they did!! Israel, Libya, and Canada were just a few that he tried to buy!! Clinton and Demorat Libturds like Odummy the Muslime Moonkey have colluded with Russia more than anyone!!! They are just trying to drag this out so hopefully they can finally win an election!!!

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The furore over Trump Junior's meeting with the Russian lawyer, and now her interpreter, is false. This a.m. on SKY News UK it was disclosed that said interpreter had dual Russian/ U.S. citizenship, whist at the same time stating he was ex-Russian SGB and "once in SGB always in SGB" no resigning. So who facilitated his U.S citizenship - O'Bama administration/ Hilary Clinton presumably. It is also reported that this ex-SGB guy has had access to all manner of O'Bama bodies. MSM appears to ignore what is contradictory to their anti-Trump campaign - including the UK broadcasters and media.

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