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Saturday, 15 July 2017 20:50

Democrats Spooked by Drop in Colorado Voter Registration Amid Trump Probe Into Voter Fraud

Written by  Adam Shaw

Democrats are apparently spooked by a sudden drop in voter registrations in the key swing state of Colorado, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez arguing that it is connected to President Trump’s investigation into electoral fraud in the 2016 election — and promising to fight back against it.

Democrats are apparently spooked by a sudden drop in voter registrations in the key swing state of Colorado, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez arguing that it is connected to President Trump’s investigation into electoral fraud in the 2016 election — and promising to fight back against it.

According to the Denver Post, approximately 3,400 Colorado voters canceled their registrations after the Trump administration sought voter info from the states. The Post notes that the number is hardly enormous, representing only 0.09 percent of the state’s 3.7 million voters.

Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has asked states to hand over data from their voter rolls, reportedly including felony convictions, military status, and voter history. The move has seen pushback from a number of liberal states such as California, New York, Virginia, and Connecticut, as well as some red states such as Oklahoma and Kentucky.

Officials told the Post that while one reason given by those withdrawing was a lack of trust in Trump’s commission, another was that they didn’t realize how much of their information was public under state law.

However, even though that would suggest the withdrawals coincide with reporting about the commission rather than being directly caused by the commission, it hasn’t stopped the Democrats from hitting the panic button.

McClatchy reports that the Democratic National Committee and the Colorado Democratic Party have launched an effort to persuade Democrats to stay on the voter rolls.

“If you unregister, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said in an interview with the outlet Friday, adding that they see this as the party’s new rally crying.

“That’s our message,” Perez said. “And we’re out there delivering that message in every way possible.”

The red alert appears not to have filtered down to all Democratic officials, with others telling the outlet that they have not seen widespread examples of voters withdrawing their registrations in other states.

Democrats have frequently jumped on any effort to crack down on possible illegal voting, or to clean up the voter rolls, and cried “voter suppression” even when such cries are baseless. Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in May blamed voter suppression, particularly in Wisconsin, as part of her laundry list of reasons she lost the election.

But Perez told McClatchy that they weren’t looking to panic voters, only that they are “concerned.”

“What we’re seeing in Colorado, we hope that doesn’t spread elsewhere,” said one DNC official. “That’s why we’re working on educating voters across the country about this. We’re not trying to incite panic, but the DNC itself is monitoring this situation and is concerned by what we’re seeing.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he believes he would have won the popular vote if illegal votes were discounted. Democrats and left-leaning media outlets have accused Trump of making the claim without evidence — but are now opposing his administration’s investigation.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who serves as vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, told Breitbart News Daily this week that the amount of opposition to the probe is “extraordinary.”

“It’s truly extraordinary that they are trying to stop the commission from even beginning. These lawsuits are intended to stop the gathering of data and stop the meeting of the commission. It does make you think that some people out there don’t want us to see what amount of voter fraud there is,” said Kobach.

He also discussed reports of people withdrawing from the voter rolls and posited a number of reasons why that could be.

“It could be, actually, people who are not qualified to vote, perhaps someone who is a felon and is disqualified that way, or someone who is not a U.S. citizen saying, ‘I’m withdrawing my voter registration because I am not able to vote.’ It could be a political stunt – people who are trying to discredit the Commission and withdrawing temporarily because they are politically active but planning to get back on the voter rolls before the election next November,” he said.

Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter:  @AdamShawNY

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Even if they withdraw now it won't stop their information being given to the commission because they are looking at the 2016 election. AND according to my State's SOS Jay Ashcroft the information requested is only for publicly available information and Missouri law requires him to give the information requested. What is that big deal? The only people who should be worried are those that are doing something wrong! Multiple voting, fraudulent voting, non-citizen voting, dead voting, pet voting. Now those people have something to worry about. I on the other hand have nothing to worry about and would really like to know for sure the amount of fraud that goes on. I suspect it is more than any of us could ever imagine...

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Didn't these same DemoRAT Libturd Snowflake scum laugh at the idea of voter fraud?? Why are they not laughing now??? Could it be that all of these Illegals and dead people are suddenly scared??? Maybe these dead people should go back to their graves and stay there while the Illegals get deported!! Voter Fraud is a FELONY and punishable by DEPORTATION and the Demorat Libturds know that and are scared of losing ALL of their voters!!!

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Voter Fraud is real and the corrupt left knows it and has supported it for years ! team trump looking in to that fact that it is there and will spook them cuz they will loose so much in the fact that if the illegal vote is taken from them they will not be able to retain the seats they have now ! the left has lost so much as of right now with over 1000 seats and with 2018 just around the corner they see even more seats to leave ! the left have had double standards and corruption for so long and no real message that if team trump was to get voter I.D. passed and able to make sure that only American's are able to vote the left would loose much ! we have seen in the last few month that the left gets dead people to vote illegals to vote have staffers stuffing the ballet boxes bussing in voters and with team trump looking to end all of this corruption they fear they will have nothing left ! guess they should have been for the American people instead of them self's and may be they would have more but as it stands America is waking up and sees the left for what and who they really are ! liars, bully's, pimps of fake news , corrupt , two faced, anti-American pro illegal, power hungry, slum lords , anti military, live by double standards, unwilling to work with trump and team to make America great, anti jobs, not willing to open American coal, gas and oil but want America to buy from other country's ! the left is unhinged and will stand in the way of any thing that will make America great again !

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And now why would anyone suddenly wish to un-register from voting, unless of course those "voters" were voting via fraud? Makes sense doesn't it.... Those that are legal voters would not suddenly try to become invisible upon hearing of possible investigations but those voting illegally would. Appears that the "voting fraud" that conservatives have been complaining about does exist. If the liberals thought that they were not getting those illegal votes they would also want it to cease.

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When is the DNC going to stop blaming everyone and everything for their problems?.....The reason they are freaking out over President Trump checking into voter fraud is because they have known about it for ever and always tried to deny that there ever was fraud so they could get the votes....But the fraud is now coming to the surface and they see their votes diminishing.....They need to figure out why their party is doing so poorly and start working on that....

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Craig G Etter Written by Craig G Etter
July 16, 2017
Now I wonder why the Democrats are all in a tizzy over investigations into various forms of voter fraud... hmmm?


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