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Sunday, 16 July 2017 10:35

Italy threatens to flood Europe with Libyan migrants if other countries don’t help with problem

Written by  Mike LaChance

“Nuclear option”

Italy is being overwhelmed by migrants from northern Africa due to its geographic location.

As we previously reported, the situation has become so bad that Italy has threatened to close its ports.

In order to get the rest of the EU to help, Italy is now threatening to just give these migrants, mostly from Libya, visas which would allow them to live anywhere in Europe. This is threat to flood the rest of Europe with hundreds of thousands of Libyan migrants is being termed the “nuclear option.”

The Sun UK reports:

LA DOLCE VISA ‘Abandoned’ Italy threatens ‘nuclear option’ of granting 200,000 Libyan migrants visas that allow them to live ANYWHERE in Europe… including Britain

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is furious that European neighbours have reneged on their commitment to take in a quota of migrants fleeing war-torn countries in North Africa.

The Italians are not plotting to use a little known Brussel’s directive, drafted after the Balkans conflict, which gives displaced people temporary entry to Europe, reports The Times.

And Gentiloni is threatening to use the loophole to allow 200,000 migrants to leave Italy as the country struggles to cope with its high numbers of refugees particularly from Libya.

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