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Monday, 17 July 2017 17:37

Abortion Advocates Gripe About the Shocking Truth: President Donald Trump is Governing Pro-Life

Written by  Clay Waters

The New York Times Sunday Review really outdid itself, starting on the front, with contributing opinion writer (and Slate columnist) Michelle Goldberg smearing the pro-life movement while fiercely defending Planned Parenthood from phantom foes: The headline and text box were grimly amusing in a hypocritical way: “A Playboy President and Women’s Health — Trump has already made a grab for abortion rights.

What next?” The text box, below a picture of Trump taking pictures of a Playboy centerfold hopeful in 1993: “Losing out to an erotically incontinent libertine.”

There must be some seriously short memories on the editorial staff, a la the Sarah Palin lawsuit. Because that sounds precisely like Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996 (if not worse). But the Times would never dream of writing those words about the abortion-supporting, Planned Parenthood hero, and Democratic president:

Donald Trump’s name adorned the first casino in America to have an in-house strip club. He is the first American president to have made a cameo appearance in a soft-core pornography film, and he has called his struggle to avoid sexually transmitted diseases while sleeping around his “personal Vietnam.” When Trump the candidate was asked last year whether any of his paramours had had an abortion, he refused to answer.

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