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Friday, 11 August 2017 15:05

Far-left Congressman Tweets: NRA and Its Spokeswoman “Becoming Domestic Security Threats”

Written by  Bob Adelmann

It all started when someone, incensed no doubt about conservative television host Dana Loesch’s latest NRA video, tweeted on Wednesday: “Philando Castile followed the safety rules he was taught and he was shot to death.

NRA said nothing. They are usually quick to follow up.”

Loesch tried to condense the story of Castile’s death, covered in detail by The New American at the time, into her own tweet in response: “He was also in possession of a controlled substance and a firearm simultaneously which is illegal. Stop lying.”

That was just too much for far-left New York Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (shown), who entered the twitter conversation the next day: “So if a white guy [Castile was black] was shot dead during a routine stop w/ a legal gun & a joint in his car, NRA would remain silent? You’re the ones lying.”

Not hearing anything back from Loesch, Rice reentered the fray five minutes later: “I going to say it NRA & DLoesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can’t ignore that.”

Loesch was on Fox News, being interviewed by Mark Steyn, when Rice’s twitters popped up. Steyn told her on the air about them and Loesch expressed her surprise and disappointment that a member of the U.S.

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It is true that the real domestic security threats are the far Left idiots. This apparently includes Representative Rice. Of course, The New American columnist this story links to is also an idiot, calling anyone HE disagrees with a communist. One of the major problems we have in this country is the wing nuts, both left and right.

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Basically this mental Moron is trying to accuse ANYONE that uses the 1st and 2nd Amendments as Security threats to the USA!!! THIS is how the Libtyrds think!! If we do not agree with them they want us condemned!! This lady wants NRA members put on the No Fly List as well!! Demorat Joe Manchin wants Due Process eliminated so that when we are charged with something we cannot defend our rights!! The Demorats are getting to be pure EVIL!!!

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The real domestic threats is congress itself! TERM LIMITS 8 YEARS AND YOU'RE GONE FOREVER! Back the President or America will deal with you!

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Ron Oliver Written by Ron Oliver
August 12, 2017
Let's be specific here. We do have a "domestic enemy " and we have a domestic threat. Every time one of these liberals opens their mouth to spout their anti-American BS, it is a threat......a direct threat to our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. BUT, we must also recognize that these liberals are the "domestic enemy." Anyone who expresses themselves in a manner attacking a Conservative and the ideals of our freedom, that person becomes the domestic enemy. These politicians who, like in California, work endlessly to remove the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms from the people of California, those Democrat/Communists are the domestic enemy. Right now, the people who are living in California SHOULD be rising up in armed defiance of any and all of the laws that those politicians have passed ILLEGALLY restricting their 2nd amendment rights and anyone working for law enforcement in California should be supporting those who are rising up and defying that tyranny. THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, TODAY!
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Tom Schwander Written by Tom Schwander
August 12, 2017
And if it hits the fan someday those liberals might then appreciate the Americans that are the law abiding citizens with their 2nd amendment rights as those would be the Americans with the weapons available to take on the lawless who will be armed.


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